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Wednesday, 26 June 2013
Page: 7188

Mrs GRIGGS (Solomon) (09:51): I rise to speak on a great opportunity for the Top End. I am to speak about the Coalition's 2030 Vision for Developing Northern Australia. This is a clear sign of the coalition's determination to develop the Top End. A coalition government will put in place the policies and plans needed to develop our wonderful Top End's potential with more investment, infrastructure, jobs and services. No longer will the people of Darwin and Palmerston be seen as the last frontier. In fact, to quote the Hon. Tony Abbott, they are 'the next frontier'. This is an exciting development, it is great news for the Top End and I am so excited to be part of the coalition team who are going to make it possible for northern Australia to grow to its full potential.

We Territorians know how fabulous our Top End is, but we are so far away from other major cities and business hubs that we could use some extra assistance in getting that message out there to bring business our way. Darwin and Palmerston hold such potential for northern Australia, and it is great that the coalition is prepared to put its trust in us. And I know the people in Darwin and Palmerston often become frustrated with the lack of infrastructure and access to services because of our comparatively small population and remoteness. The coalition have listened to us and they are here to support our growing population and they are here to break the development deadlock that has held northern Australia back for so long.

For far too long, many families have been reluctant to move to the Top End because of the lack of infrastructure and access to services. Governments and the private sector have often been reluctant to invest in major infrastructure because of our insufficient population. That is why I am so grateful for the coalition's support for my electorate. We have to capitalise on the Top End's existing strengths and natural advantages in agriculture, cattle, energy and tourism. We are proud to be Australia's gateway to Asia and at the forefront of Australia's defence plans and the protection of our borders. When you build a stronger economy, it means more jobs, higher incomes and better infrastructure and services for all Territorians. I am just delighted and I look forward to getting some input into our plan from Territorians, because I am sure that they are as confident as I am in the coalition's plan to develop northern Australia.