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Wednesday, 26 June 2013
Page: 7187

Mr OAKESHOTT (Lyne) (09:45): Miyanggan dhanang? Dhanggu nyuwayi Rob Oakeshott. Ngaya Dhanggati guuyarr. Ngaya manhatinun Ngunnawalda guthunda barriya. Ngaya Baluwa, Garrkung ngarran, nganhikurr nyinan barriya dhithiyndha ngun-ngun, barayn, ngundakang. Marrumbu.

Nyiyanang nyinan nyinanhambuta barriya marrungga, Dhanggati guthun bard, dawunda djilangga, banduunggakayi, garrkunggawayi. Ngubulaa nyiyanang wuunggan governmendarayi, baayanigurayi ngunmarralcayi gurraarrakayi. Waa nyinanhambu buwaratikal, baayatikal, barrunbatayi, wiriiyn? Miyanggakayi nudhanang burringgan?

Nyinanhambu buwaratikal, baayatikal, barrunbatayi, wiriiyn gayandu maalu! Wandhanhang dhanang dharru nga'ang dhiraaliyn nyiyanhambutu, nga'ang marrumanigurayi?

Yuuriyn nyiyanang nyinanhambu dhalayikurr, nudhananhambu dhalayikurr ngarran. Nudhanang manhatiliyn yapangga marrungga, nudhanang yulugatiliyn.guyn. Nyiyanang Dhanggati garu ngarranigurayi nyinanhambuta barriya. Waa wuung nga'ang githuuyn.gurayi, galbaan.gurayi. dhalayikurrgurayi? Nyiyanang wuunggalu, dhalayikurrgurayi!


How are you all? My name is Rob Oakeshott. I speak in Dhanggati. I walk on Ngunnawal country. I listen to the Elders, those who live on this country yesterday, today, tomorrow. Thank you.

We live in our beautiful Dhanggati country, in many towns from the mountains to the sea, like our old people did. We worked with government for a long time, to rise from the long night. Where are our paintings, dancers, dreaming, language? Why do they sleep?

Let us bring back our paintings, dances, dreaming, language! When will you send us the resources to build it back?

Now we think about our children and their children. They will walk on the right path, they will not be lost. We want to hear Dhanggati in our country again. Where is the work for our men, women and children? Let's all work together, for the children!