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Wednesday, 26 June 2013
Page: 7128

Ms RISHWORTH (KingstonParliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Carers and Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Urban Water) (13:57): I want to draw to the attention of the House the closing of the National Disability Awards that are happening soon. These are very important awards which recognise the achievements of those with a disability in our community and also organisations that have helped those with a disability lead a fully participating life. These awards are very important and are awarded on the International Day of People with Disability, which is in December. These awards are exceptionally important, and I encourage those members and anyone listening to nominate someone you know for these awards, because it is great to celebrate those achievements.

I had the pleasure of welcoming to the parliament recently some of the Leaders for Tomorrow graduates, which is an important program developing the leadership of people with a disability. We had some wonderful achievements in the group of graduates: those who had finished training, who had started their own business, who had achieved a lot in the area of sport and who were looking forward to taking the skills they learnt in the Leaders for Tomorrow program and going further.

I was also very pleased that Professor Ron McCallum was appointed as an ambassador for the International Day of People with Disability. I encourage people to nominate for the awards. Nominate someone you know. Nominate an organisation. It will be great to invite them to Parliament House to receive those awards.