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Wednesday, 30 May 2012
Page: 6289

Enterprise Migration Agreements

Mr MORRISON (Cook) (14:49): My question is to the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship. Did the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship speak to the then Acting Prime Minister last week about the proposed enterprise migration agreement for the Roy Hill mine project prior to the decision being made on this arrangement last Wednesday and then announced last Friday? And if so, did the Acting Prime Minister raise any concerns about the Roy Hill agreement in that discussion?

Mr BOWEN (McMahonMinister for Immigration and Citizenship) (14:49): I welcome the question from the shadow minister because I welcome any opportunity to talk about this project and this agreement which delivers 8,000 jobs—6,700 jobs for Australians—2,000 traineeships and a mine which will deliver 55 million tonnes—

Mr Morrison: I rise on a point of order in relation to specific relevance. My question was whether he spoke about it to the Acting Prime Minister, not whether he wants to talk about it.

Mr BOWEN: A very telling interjection from the shadow minister! He is not interested in the substance, not interested in policy, not interested in jobs being created; he is only interested in muck raking and point-scoring, just like his colleagues.

In relation to timing, it does not matter how many times you ask and in how many different ways, my answer will remain the same. My answer will remain the same in relation to consultations and discussions. I refer the honourable member to my previous answers.