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Wednesday, 30 May 2012
Page: 6275

Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright) (13:53): I rise to inform the House of the concerns that are being raised around the Beaudesert Race Club at the moment. This is a jockey club in peril, a jockey club waiting for funds that were committed under the Labor government, and I support the LNP in Queensland's commitment to Queensland Racing. However, it was imperative, once I started looking, to check where some of these funds have gone. Not five months before the election, the board of Racing Queensland Ltd found it within themselves to renew their contracts on five-year terms, knowing that the current polls had Labor destined for decimation. On the day that the LNP took office, these members of the board of Racing Queensland Ltd took their five-year golden handshakes and left the Beaudesert Race Club in peril.

I have great concerns that the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, just about to be set up, has off-budget expenditure when it comes to remuneration packages for board directors, as does the NBN. We have made it quite clear with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation that, when in government, we will repeal the carbon tax and we will repeal this body so that it will not do the same as the board of Racing Queensland Ltd in setting themselves up with five-year terms. If one cent of this money ends up with people who are not working in the organisation, I will be disgusted. (Time expired)