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Wednesday, 31 October 2012
Page: 12795

Mr MITCHELL (McEwen) (13:49): On 26 October I had the pleasure of being at the Queen's Scout Awards presentation for Emmalee Storm at the Gisborne Scout Hall. Emmalee started with the Venturers 'off the street' in February 2009, at 14½ years of age. She had not been in the Scouts and she knew nothing about it other than that she would have the chance to do hiking and canoeing and meet new friends. Emmalee had never put up a tent and on her first course had to get someone else to help her put it up. Her first hike was for two nights and three days carrying a 16-kilogram bag. She almost gave up, dug in and finished. Her first few badges were a bonus for doing what she enjoyed. Emmalee only needed one Cuboree but went to two. She encouraged the rest of the Venturers to go out and help northern Victoria clean up after the floods, and she participated in the Gang Show just for fun.

Emmalee is a tomboy at heart. Although when the Gisborne Venturers first met her she was very quiet, they soon realised it was not the case. Once you get to know Em, as she is known by her friends, you find that her personality is definitely not quiet and she has no problem being different and dressing up in bright colours. Being quiet is not in her make-up; as her mum says, she is loud and at times 'over the top'—standing still for an hour for the Queen's Scout Awards presentation was a great achievement!

As well as Queen's Scouts, Em is studying for her year 12 exams and has achieved full colours at Sunbury College in drama. She has been a member of the Boilerhouse Theatre Company for 11 years. Her favourite clothes to wear to Venturer meetings are multicoloured happy pants and multicoloured Dunlop Volleys, usually combined with a small fascinator hat and earrings—when there is a matching pair! Emmalee is a sensational Venturer and a deserving winner of the Queen's Scout Award.