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Wednesday, 31 October 2012
Page: 12748

Mr OAKESHOTT (Lyne) (10:31): I have concerns about the process involved with the Treasury Legislation Amendment (Unclaimed Money and Other Measures) Bill 2012. I am more than likely to be comfortable with some of the messages about why unclaimed moneys are being moved towards the Australian Taxation Office, but I have listened closely to the debate—I was in the chair when the member for North Sydney was speaking—and there do look to be some issues that I would like some time to consider, to see whether they are right or wrong. That is the very point of the process when legislation is brought into the chamber—that it is put on the table for a period of time for consideration and reflection by all members, who do genuinely want to make decisions based on the merits or otherwise of the legislation before the House.

So I strongly urge the government to adjourn this legislation to allow that proper reflection and consideration to take place. If they do not, I think it is an undue demand on members of parliament who just have not had the time to look at the detail and therefore will be making rash decisions on something of significance. I do not want to be put in that position. If I am put in that position, the default course is not to support something without being fully aware of the detail and being able to have confidence in exactly what I am voting on. I appreciate the words of the member for North Sydney. I am a member of the selection committee and I was in the Speaker's chair when he was speaking. I concur that the process is being rushed for reasons that do not have good merit. Therefore, unless this debate is adjourned, I cannot at this stage support the passage of this legislation through this chamber.