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Monday, 19 March 2012
Page: 3194

Judicial Misbehaviour

To the Honourable the Speaker and Members (if the House of Representatives;

This petition of 'residents and citizens' draws to the attention of the House, issues of judicial misbehaviours tor the Family Law matters DGF 2894 of 2002, now MLC 6683 of 2010, in which obstructions to courses of justice created by laws of Australia have been committed, s.72(ii) of the Constitution places an obligation on both Houses-to cause an Investigation into these s.72(ii) issues and proven.

Judges of the Family and/or High Court have made false claims appeals occurred that were not allow to occur, or dismissed without Oral Hearing, Also, Writ Applications, sought to correct judicial misbehaviours were dismissed without Oral Hearing in breach of s,78B of the Judiciary Act and now "False Documents" produced as claimed Transcripts to conceal the falsehoods and wrongful misbehaviours. A second revision of the first "False Document added about 1 and a quarter pages of words to the first "False Document'', a Family Court judge was informed and claimed, akin to, not his problem.

The above, a "Parliamentary (judicial Misbehaviour or Incapacity) Commission" could inquire into.

We pray an Urgent Royal Commission of Inquiry is caused into the above claims, namely.

Have the judicial misbehaviours claimed been committed by the judiciary?

Where is the NSW like Federal Judicial Misbehaviour Committee and why has it not been created?

Who gave the Family Courts Special Instructions for a Transcript not to be produced pursuant to the terms for its production and why?

from 1 citizen