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Monday, 19 March 2012
Page: 3194

Judicial Misbehaviour

To the Honourable The Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives

This petition of 'residents and citizens' draws to the attention of the House, issues of judicial misbehaviours for the Family Law matters DGF 2894 of 2002, now known as MLC 6683 of 2010, in which obstructions to courses of justice created by laws of the Parliament, s.72(ii) of the Constitution places an obligation on both Houses to cause an Investigation into s.72(ii) "Proved Misbehaviour" issues to be proven.

Judges of the Family and/or High Court have made false claims: an initiating action for an appeal, (seized by the judge and never returned) that never occurred, and challenges to that appeal, that never occurred, occurred with all being dismissed. Also, refused proper hearings for Writ Applications sought to correct judicial misbehaviours, by dismissal without Oral Hearing to conceal the falsehoods and wrongful judicial misbehaviours.

An additional issue within this matter is: are s.34 Writs of the Family Law Act principally defeated by s.39B(1EA) of the Judiciary Act.

The AG claimed about 1 8/3 /11, the Senate Recommended, Parliamentary (Judicial Misbehaviour or Incapacity) Commission would be reintroduced to Parliament, where is it?

We pray an Urgent Royal Commission of Inquiry is caused into the above claims; namely have the judicial misbehaviours claimed been committed by the Queens' Instruments, judicial claims s.39B(1EA) of the Judiciary Act defeats s.34 Writs of the Family Law Act and where is the NSW like Judicial. Misbehaviour Committee to determine these issues, REQUIRED FOR THIS PURPOSE?

from 1 citizen