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Thursday, 1 March 2018
Page: 2503

Minister for Human Services

Mr BRENDAN O'CONNOR (Gorton) (14:37): My question is to the Minister for Human Services. I refer to the minister's previous answers, particularly the last one. Did the minister or his office at any time prior to the AFP raid inform anyone other than the Office of the Prime Minister about this raid, including but not limited to the office of Minister Cash?

Mr KEENAN (StirlingMinister for Human Services and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Digital Transformation) (14:37): That is exactly the same question as the previous one that I've just addressed. The truth is an allegation has been made and I have completely rejected that allegation, and I will not sit here and be cross-examined by a Labor Party that refuses to address the central issue here. The fact is that these raids were dealing with malfeasance within the union movement.

Mr Perrett interjecting

The SPEAKER: The member for Moreton will leave under 94(a).

The member for Moreton then left the chamber.

Mr KEENAN: These are the first questions I've had as the Minister for Human Services from the Labor Party. They haven't asked me about anything that's going on in my portfolio. They haven't asked me about the $1.5 billion transformation project we have to make sure that Australians accessing the social security system get the best possible service they can. The opposition leader issued a statement just before question time, saying that the Australian people are sick of these 'inside the Beltway' issues and they want us to return to issues of real substance, but then those opposite come in here and perform this sort of nonsense.

The SPEAKER: The Manager of Opposition Business on a point of order.

Mr Burke: Yes, Mr Speaker, on direct relevance. It's not in order for the minister to go through all the reasons that he doesn't want to answer a question.

The SPEAKER: The Manager of Opposition Business will resume his seat. The minister is in order if he's on the policy topic. I've said that ad nauseam. Has the minister concluded his answer? Yes.