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Thursday, 1 March 2018
Page: 2491

Ms CHESTERS (Bendigo) (13:52): For years we have been lectured by the Greens party, with them wagging their fingers, pointing at us and saying: 'We're the party of the grassroots. We're the people who are inclusive.' Not true. Today, we've had the extraordinary event where rank and file Greens members have come out and condemned their own candidate for Batman. Greens rank and file members have publicly said the following about their candidate:

Her behaviour does not represent the Greens values and she is really quite a toxic element in our party.

Her election to the federal parliament represents a significant risk to our party.

The Darebin branch is currently dominated by a toxic factional culture that has been cultivated and led by—

this person. A further comment states:

Once Alex decided I was not totally loyal to her as an individual, her organisation within the branch sought to intimidate, harass, isolate and spread malicious false rumours about me. I have seen her do this to others.

This what is the Greens rank and file think about their candidate, who is putting their hand up for Batman.

This is about transparency. The Greens need to come out and clear this up and be honest with the people of Batman. Just who are they putting up for election? We know that Ged is an activist. We know that Ged Kearney stands up for Labor values, and we know that she will be the best representative for Batman in this place.