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Monday, 19 October 2015
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Ms McGOWAN (Indi) (16:08): I present a petition from Mr David Wortmann, from Granya. It contains 324 signatures. Mr Wortmann is petitioning the government to contribute $2.6 million for infrastructure improvements, as outlined by the Towong Shire Council's National Stronger Regions Fund application, Destination Tallangatta, to create a prosperous and sustainable Tallangatta for the next 60 years and beyond.

The right of petitioning is a long-established, fundamental right of citizens. It is the only direct means by which an individual or group can ask the parliament to take action. All other processes involved communication either through a member or a senator. Since being elected as the member for Indi I am privileged to have presented 12 petitions to this parliament across a range of issues, including the two I present today. I congratulate my constituents and thank them for their work. I am proud to have these petitions tabled.

The petition read as follows—

This petition of: residents, ratepayers and supporters of the Shire of Towong,

Draws to the attention of the House: that 2016 marks sixty years since Tallangatta was relocated to accommodate the expansion of Lake Hume.

Tallangatta has enormous potential to be a vibrant, sustainable town however much of its infrastructure is in poor condition due to a lack of investment at the time the town was relocated.

In 2012 Towong Shire Council undertook an extensive planning project called 'Tallangatta Tomorrow' to identify how Tallangatta could secure a vibrant future and reach its potential as a prosperous regional town. To date, Council has delivered several projects from 'Tallangatta Tomorrow' totalling $10m.

The final stage of 'Tallangatta Tomorrow' will secure Tallangatta's long term viability. 'Destination Tallangatta', a $5.3m project will deliver key infrastructure, create links between new and existing infrastructure within the town, drive business investment and reinvigorate the central business district.

Council has committed $2.52m to the project.

'Destination Tallangatta' will deliver significant economic benefits to the region, including almost 100 full-time jobs and an economic boost of over $10m during construction. Post­ construction economic benefits will total over $Sm annually plus 51 new full time jobs.

We therefore ask the House to: request the Australian Government to contribute $2.66m for infrastructure improvements, as outlined in Towong Shire Council's National Stronger Regions Fund application "Destination Tallangatta" to create a prosperous and sustainable Tallangatta for the next sixty years and beyond.

from 324 citizens

Petition received.