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Monday, 19 October 2015
Page: 11546

Mr LAUNDY (Reid) (13:46): I can assure the member for Parramatta that this is Anthony Squires, so I am with her 100 per cent! One thing I love about representing my wonderful electorate of Reid is the opportunity it provides me for being involved with amazing community initiatives. One such program that I am proud to be involved in is a partnership between Navitas English and Dooley's Catholic Club, who are working together to provide work experience and improve employability amongst migrant communities in Reid.

In this pilot program, participants complete a 10-week adult migrant English program, AMEP, hospitality course, and then complete two weeks of work placement in a hospitality environment. From the first term, Dooley's accepted seven clients to undertake work experience at their various locations, and following those two weeks offered interviews and employment to suitable candidates. This is a great example of government and private sector collaborating for a great outcome for the community. English is, without a doubt, the most vital skill new migrants in this country can learn to enable them to engage with their new community. This particular program is targeted at not just learning English but learning how to use English in a workplace environment to secure employment.

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Christine Tran and Cecilia Sandagon to discuss their successful completion of the course. To Christine and Cecilia, I say: 'Congratulations.' To Navitas English and Dooley's Catholic Club, I say: 'Thank you,' for not only this program but for all the community work they undertake in Reid and around the country.