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Wednesday, 2 November 2011
Page: 12486

Ms BRODTMANN (Canberra) (13:53): I rise today to speak about another Canberra legend and a very special constituent of mine—St Anthony's Parish Primary School year 2 student Liam Favelle. A couple of weeks ago Liam helped his father and others in the rescue of a stranded bushwalker, who suffered an asthma attack in the Namadgi National Park. The bushwalker was one of four Scouts who were completing an overnight hike in the park on the Bicentennial National Trail between Mount Clear and Caloola Farm. One of the bushwalkers had an asthma attack and began to show signs of hypothermia from crossing swollen creeks. Realising their mate needed urgent medical attention, two of the Scouts continued on to Caloola Farm to raise the alarm and get assistance. The managers of the farm organised assistance but did not have the key to the gate entry to Namadgi National Park on the Bicentennial trail, so they were forced to proceed on quad bikes.

Liam assisted in the search and rescue operation with his father and bravely rode a quad bike to rescue the hiker suffering from the asthma attack. While Liam's father ferried the sick bushwalker to receive medical attention, Liam stayed behind to keep the remaining Scout calm and to provide reassurance. At the age of only eight, Liam has shown the bravery, selflessness and maturity of someone much older. He is a great tribute to the Canberra community. He is a Canberra legend—a little Canberra legend.