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Wednesday, 2 November 2011
Page: 12439

Mr CLARE (BlaxlandMinister for Defence Materiel) (10:40): I move:

That this bill be read a second time.

I introduce the Customs Amendment (Military End-Use) Bill 2011. This bill complements the new powers included in the Defence Trade Control Bill, for strengthening Australia’s defence export controls, by providing measures to prohibit the export of goods where they may have a military end-use contrary to Australia’s interests.

The power is a 'catch all' provision that will operate by giving the Minister for Defence an authority to issue a notice to prohibit goods from being exported, where the minister is of the view that they may be for a military end-use that could prejudice Australia’s security, defence or international relations; and the goods are not otherwise regulated.

It is not expected that this power will be used very often. However, an example of when it could be used would be to prevent an Australian export from proceeding if it was potentially going to be used by an armed group such as a terrorist organisation. I commend the bill to the House.

Debate adjourned.