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Wednesday, 3 April 2019
Page: 14719

Mr TIM WILSON (Goldstein) (10:40): This budget, which has finally brought the budget back into black and started to repair the damage of Labor's debt and deficit legacy, has direct benefits for the people of Goldstein. We're particularly happy with what has been delivered in the health budget and the transport and infrastructure budget and, of course, with what's been delivered in essential services and sports infrastructure.

The Bayside area has never had a Medicare-eligible MRI licence until now. Under the Morrison government, Cabrini Brighton can now offer life-saving scans for those who need vital diagnostic services. Cabrini Brighton is a critical part of our social infrastructure, and our record spending on health speaks volumes. From 2013 to 2020, hospital funding has increased by 76 per cent. That's social dividend No. 1.

Social dividend No. 2 is our success in funding local infrastructure upgrades to help build stronger communities. The Morrison government is contributing $4.7 million to the new indoor netball facility in Sandringham for the over 3,000 netball players in Bayside. That will mean no more forced byes or shorter games and training sessions. Young women and men in our community deserve the types of facilities that the Morrison government are able to deliver through our prudent, responsible economic management, and we are delivering. Thank you to Shane Peters, the President of the Sandringham and District Netball Association. Thank you to Chris Pearce for his help and to Lisa Alexander, the coach of the Australian Diamonds, for working with us to deliver this critical bit of infrastructure.

Ormond's EE Gunn Reserve has received over $200,000 for lighting upgrades, which will boost sporting opportunities in our community. Another social dividend in our economic plan is the delivery of car parking at Bentleigh and Hampton stations. Liveability is one of the critical issues around Goldstein because we have so many people who want to live in our blessed community. That means we need to invest to make sure that we can maintain our liveability standards so that Goldstein continues to be the residential retreat that we love. This government will deliver $4 million to boost parking at Bentleigh station. That means no more missing out on car parks if you don't get there before 7.30 in the morning. It means more transport options—making sure people have choice—and lower pollution. The same will occur at Hampton station, where there'll be 133 new car parks for commuters.

These are huge wins for our community and show that the Morrison government understands the challenges our community faces. We understand that the way to solve these problems is strong economic management to deliver the social and human dividends so that our community can continue to grow and prosper.