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Wednesday, 3 April 2019
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Ms FLINT (Boothby) (14:05): My question is the Prime Minister. Will the Prime Minister outline to the House how the government's plan for a stronger economy will secure a better future for all Australians, delivering more jobs, lower taxes and guaranteeing essential services?

Mr MORRISON (CookPrime Minister) (14:05): I thank the member of Boothby for her question, and I thank all the members of the Liberal and National parties for the great job that they have done over the last six years in this very important task of cleaning up the fiscal mess left behind by the Labor Party when we came to office in 2013. The budget surplus handed down by the Treasurer, the first budget surplus handed down in 12 years—

Ms Kearney interjecting

The SPEAKER: The member for Batman is warned!

Mr MORRISON: That deals with step one: getting the budget back into balance by getting expenditure under control, keeping taxes under control and ensuring we are growing the economy to bring the budget back to surplus. But now the job begins of paying off Labor's debt. That job was done by the Howard and Costello government and it will be done by my government, in the same way it was done by the Howard and Costello government, by maintaining a strong economy, keeping spending under control, keeping taxes under control and ensuring that we continue to give the incentive to Australians to go out there and work hard, start businesses and make investments.

The second plank of what the Treasurer announced last night was to continue to build a strong economy. You don't do that with higher taxes and you do not do that with reckless carbon emissions targets. What you do is you lower taxes for Australians, and you do it for all Australians. Under our government, there is a point in working hard in this country and there is a point in having a great business and working hard in that business and investing in your future. Under a Labor government, there would be no point in working hard, because, the harder you work, the more they punish you. What you see in Labor's tax plan is that they have to punish some to pretend they want to help others. All they will do is put a dampener on the Australian economy and hold the economy back.

We are investing $100 million in the infrastructure the Australian economy needs and Australians living all around the country need to get about safer—to get home sooner and safer; to get on site and get out of the traffic. That is what our plan on infrastructure is doing. We are investing more than half a billion in the skills of all Australians—from those coming out of school to those changing jobs in their late fifties or even their sixties. That is the skills plan we are investing in, with 80,000 additional apprentices funded by this government.

All of this guarantees the essential services that Australians rely on, with increases of over 60 per cent already under this government since we were elected for public schools and hospitals, and a 27 per cent increase in funding for Medicare, with the highest Medicare bulkbilling on record delivered by the strong economy and the strong budget management of a great Liberal-National government.

The SPEAKER: Before I called the Leader of the Opposition, those regular interjectors, the member for Bass, the member for Griffith, the member for Brand and the member for Herbert are warned. I may as well be reading old Hansard here, but I will just say it all again: if they interject again, they will be out.