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Tuesday, 3 May 2016
Page: 4197


The SPEAKER: Before we go to questions without notice, while all members are here I would like to deal with some housekeeping arrangements for the budget speech tonight. I would like to remind members that the usual arrangements and courtesies will apply to the budget speech and, equally, on Thursday for the speech in reply by the Leader of the Opposition. As with any proceedings of the House, the member with the call is entitled to speak without interruption. In accordance with precedent, if any action under standing order 94(a) is required, it will be by written note.

Again, I remind members to ensure that their guests wear personal identification to enter Parliament House and arrive at the galleries in time to undertake security screening and be seated in the galleries in a timely way. I trust there will be cooperation from members and their guests in the galleries and that the guests will behave in a way consistent with the rules applying to the galleries. If this is the case, budget night and budget reply night will proceed smoothly for the benefit for the House and those watching and listening to proceedings.