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Monday, 13 February 2012
Page: 764


To the Honourable Members of the House of Representatives in the Parliament assembled:

This petition of certain citizens of Australia draws the attention of the House to:

the failure of the Commonwealth Marriage Act (1961) to allow marriages to be solemnised between partners of the same sex;

the failure of the Marriage Act to recognise same-sex marriages solemnised in other countries;

the great harm this does to same-sex partners and their families by discriminating against them, entrenching a second-class legal status, and perpetuating prejudice and stigma;

the great harm this does to marriage by associating it with discrimination; and,

the fact that an increasing number of other countries allow same-sex marriage, and most Australians support it.

We therefore ask the House to:

amend the Commonwealth Marriage Act so that marriages may be solemnised, and overseas marriage recognised, regardless of the sex of the partners concerned.

from 238 citizens

Petitions received.