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Monday, 31 October 2011
Page: 12150

Mr SIDEBOTTOM (Braddon) (10:39): I am very glad that everyone managed to get here despite the debacle presented to us. Recently in my electorate we have had local council elections, and I want to thank everybody who had the courage to stand for election. We in this place know the pressure that that brings. I want to thank all those who have retired, commiserate with those who did not get elected and congratulate all those who were successful.

In Latrobe, on the eastern end of my province, Mayor Michael Gaffney has been returned, along with Dayna Dennison, Peter Freshney, John Perkins, Rick Rockliff and Garry Sims, and I congratulate them. With regard to the Devonport City Council, I thank Lynn Laycock for the excellent work she has done as mayor and congratulate Steve Martin as the new mayor. I also congratulate Grant Goodwin, Alison Jarman, Lynn Laycock, Annette Rockliff, Warren Squibb and Bill Wilson on being elected. With regard to the Central Coast Council, which is my municipality, I congratulate Jan Bond on being reelected unopposed and Cheryl Fuller on being elected deputy mayor. I also congratulate John Bloomfield, Lionel Bonde, my staffer Shane Broad, Kath Downie and Rowen Tongs.

With regard to Burnie, I thank Alvwyn Boyd for the tremendous job he did as mayor and Steve Kons for his success in being elected as mayor. I also congratulate Jim Altimira, Ron Blake, Alvwyn Boyd and Steve Green on being elected. With regard to Waratah-Wynyard, I congratulate Robbie Walsh on being reelected unopposed and also Gary Bramich, Kevin Deakin, Alwyn Friedersdorff, David Moore and St John Smith on being elected. In Circular Head, I congratulate Daryl Quilliam on being reelected unopposed and also John Oldaker, Ashley Popowski , Trevor Spinks and Jan Bishop. With regard to the West Coast Council, I congratulate Darryl Gerrity on being reelected as mayor. I also congratulate Samantha Eley, Al Medwin and Lyn O'Grady on being elected. As for beautiful King Island, I thank Charles Arnold for his excellent job as mayor and congratulate Greg Barratt on being successfully elected as the new mayor. I also congratulate Charles Arnold, Greg Barratt, Royce Conley and Sally Haneveer. Finally, but not least, with regard to the Kentish municipality, I congratulate Don Thwaites on being reelected as mayor, as well as Peter Campbell, Cait Clarke, Penny Lane and Annie Willock.

My congratulations go to everyone. Again, I thank everyone who stood and I thank those who have served in the past and have retired. I congratulate those who have been elected for the first time, including Shane Broad from my office. I know he will do a fantastic job in my constituency—and he had better fix the footpaths in my local village if he wants to keep his job. Congratulations to everyone and commiserations to those who missed out.