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Monday, 31 October 2011
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Mr ALBANESE: Documents are presented in accordance with the very long list circulated to honourable members earlier today. Details of the documents will be recorded in the Votes and Proceedings. I move:

That the House take note of the following documents:

Aboriginal Land Commissioner—Report for 2010-11.

Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency Limited—Report for 2010-11.

Airservices Australia—Report for 2010-11.

Albury-Wodonga Development Corporation—Report for 2010-11.

Army and Air Force Canteen Service—Frontline Defence Services—Report for 2010-11, incorporating the reports on the monitoring of the equal employment opportunity (EEO) management plan and of occupational health and safety arrangements and statistics.

ASC Pty Ltd—

Report for 2010-11.

Statement of corporate intent for 2011-14.

Attorney-General’s Department—Report for 2010-11.

Auditing and Assurance Standards Board—Report for 2010-11.

Australia Council—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Accounting Standards Board—Report for 2010-11, incorporating a correction.

Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Building and Construction Commissioner—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Electoral Commission—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Federal Police—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Film, Television and Radio School—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Government Solicitor—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Hearing—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Institute of Marine Science—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Law Reform Commission—Report No. 116—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority—Report for 2010-11.

Australian National Maritime Museum—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Public Service Commissioner—Report for 2010-11, incorporating the report of the Merit Protection Commissioner.

Australian Rail Track Corporation Limited—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Reward Investment Alliance—Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme, Public Sector Superannuation Scheme and Public Sector Superannuation Accumulation Plan—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Solar Institute Limited—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Sports Commission—Report for 2010-11.

Australian Trade Commission (AUSTRADE)—Report for 2010-11.

Bankruptcy Act 1966—Report on the operation of the Act for 2010-11.

Bundanon Trust—Report for 2010-11.

Bureau of Meteorology—Report for 2010-11.

Cancer Australia—Report for 2010-11.

Centrelink—Report for 2010-11.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority—Report for 2010-11.

Commissioner for Superannuation—Report for 2010-11.

Commissioner of Taxation—Report for 2010-11.

Companies Auditors and Liquidators Disciplinary Board—Report for 2010-11.

Crimes Act 1914

Authorisations for the acquisition and use of assumed identities—Report for 2010-11—Australian Federal Police.

Controlled operations—Report for 2010-11.

Data-matching program—Department of Veterans’ Affairs—Report on progress for 2010-11.

Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal—Report for 2010-11.

Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits Authority—Report for 2010-11.

Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy—Report for 2010-11.

Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency—Report for 2010-11.

Department of Defence—Reports for 2010-11—

Volume 1—Department of Defence.

Volume 2—Defence Materiel Organisation.

Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs—Report for 2010-11.

Department of Finance and Deregulation—Report for 2010-11.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade—Report for 2010-11.

Department of Health and Ageing—Report for 2010-11—Corrigendum.

Department of Human Services—Report for 2010-11, incorporating the report of the Child Support Agency and CRS Australia.

Department of Immigration and Citizenship—Report for 2010-11.

Department of Infrastructure and Transport—Report for the period 14 September 2010 to 30 June 2011.

Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research—Report for 2010-11, including the report of IP Australia.

Department of Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government—Report for the period 14 September 2010 to 30 June 2011.

Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism—Report for 2010-11, including the report of Geoscience Australia.

Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities—Report for the period 14 September 2010 to 30 June 2011.

Department of the Treasury—Report for 2010-11.

Director of National Parks—Report for 2010-11.

Environment Protection (Alligator Rivers Region) Act 1978—Supervising Scientist’s report on the operation of the Act for 2010-11.

Export Finance and Insurance Corporation—Report for 2010-11.

Fair Work Australia—Report for 2010-11.

Fair Work Ombudsman—Report for 2010-11.

Family Court of Australia—Report for 2010-11.

Federal Court of Australia—Report for 2010-11.

Federal Magistrates Court of Australia—Report for 2010-11.

Financial Reporting Council—Reports on auditor independence—2010-11

Financial Reporting Panel—Report for 2010-11.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand—Report for 2010-11.

Future Fund—Report for 2010-11.

Gene Technology Regulator—Report for 2010-11.

Health Workforce Australia—Report for 2010-11.

Healthcare Identifiers Act 2010

Compliance and enforcement activities—Report by the Australian Information Commissioner for 2010-11.

Healthcare Identifiers Service—Report for 2010-11.

Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia—Report for 2010-11.

Inspector-General of Taxation—Report for 2010-11.

International Air Services Commission—Report for 2010-11.

Low Carbon Australia Limited—Report for 2010-11.

Medicare Australia—Report for 2010-11.

Migration Agents Registration Authority—Report for 2010-11.

Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal—Report for 2010-11.

Military Superannuation and Benefits Board of Trustees—Report for 2010-11.

National Australia Day Council—Report for 2010-11.

National Blood Authority—Report for 2010-11.

National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre—Report for 2010-11.

National Competition Council—Report for 2010-11.

National Film and Sound Archive—Report for 2010-11.

National Gallery of Australia—Report for 2010-11.

National Health and Medical Research Council—Report for 2010-11.

National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme—Report for 2010-11.

National Library of Australia—Report for 2010-11.

National Native Title Tribunal—Report for 2010-11.

National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority—Report for 2010-11.

National Transport Commission—Report for 2010-11.

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner—Report for the period 1 November 2010 to 30 June 2011, incorporating financial statements for the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for the period 1 July to 31 October 2010.

Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General—Report for 2010-11.

Old Parliament House—Report for 2010-11.

Productivity Commission—Report for 2010-11.

Professional Services Review—Report for 2010-11.

Public Lending Right Committee—Report for 2010-11.

Remuneration Tribunal—Report for 2010-11.

Repatriation Commission, Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs—Report for 2010-11.

Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission and Comcare—Report for 2010-11.

Screen Australia—Report for 2010-11.

Seafarers Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Authority—Report for 2010-11.

Skills Australia—Report for 2010-11.

Superannuation Complaints Tribunal—Report for 2010-11.

Takeovers Panel—Report for 2010-11.

Tax Practitioners Board—Report for 2010-11.

Tourism Australia—Report for 2010-11.

Veterans’ Review Board—Report for 2010-11.

Wet Tropics Management Authority—Report and State of the Wet Tropics Report for 2010-11.

Wine Australia Corporation—Report for 2010-11.

Witness Protection Act 1994—Report on the operation of the National Witness Protection Program for 2010-11.

Debate adjourned.