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Monday, 21 February 2011
Page: 754

Debate resumed, on motion by Ms Rishworth:

That this House:

(1)   notes that:

(a)   support for a solution to return the Murray-Darling river system to health is widespread across Australia;

(b)   a poll by the Australian Conservation Foundation found that 77 per cent of Australians agree that environmental degradation in the Murray-Darling Basin must be reversed;

(c)   the Government is working towards an effective strategy for the integrated and sustainable management of water resources in the Murray-Darling Basin; and

(d)   this strategy includes purchasing water for increased environmental flows, setting sustainable diversion limits on the quantity of water removed from the Basin, managing water quality and investing in water-saving infrastructure; and

(2)   recognises that the Government:

(a)   has already began the task of returning the Murray-Darling river system to health through the Water for the Future plan;

(b)   is working towards ensuring the long term viability of this river system for all those who rely on its precious water resources; and

(c)   will continue to consult openly with all stakeholders in the Murray-Darling Basin.