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Monday, 21 February 2011
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To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives

This petition of ‘certain citizens and residents of Australia’, draws to the attention of the House the Urgent need for a “Judicial Misbehaviour Committee” due to the obligation for such a Committee created by s.72(ii) of the Constitution and the conflict of interest/cronyism s.75(v) of the Constitution imposes on certain Commonwealth Public Officials when the wrongs of their Family and High Court Brethren are sought to be corrected by s.75(v) Writ, treated as if it is  Common Law.

Honourable Speaker, lack of judicial accountability, inability to correct wrongful Orders by Writ is due to judicial demands for “Leave to Apply”, then denied without Oral Hearing. Hansard titled “Administration of Justice” petitions; presented 23/11/09, 15/03/10, 24/05/10 and more; all containing complaints of misbehaviour by Commonwealth Public Officials support the Urgent need for this Committee.

The Senate about 7 December 2009, recommended a like Committee be created. Honourable Speaker, in the Public Interest “We Seek Leave” a motion is moved: that a “Judicial Misbehaviour Committee” be created:

Which accepts complaints from the public citing the Federal Judiciary, makes s.72(11) Constitutional recommendations to the House, makes s. 75(v) Constitutional Writ applications on behalf of members of the public, makes recommendations of compensation for judicial wrongs, and has the power to send any matter back to any Federal Court for reconsideration. Starting with the complaints within the aforesaid petitions presented.

Plus, you grant this Motion is URGENT Government Business.

by Mr Murphy (from one citizen)

Petitions received.