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Monday, 21 February 2011
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To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives

This petition of certain citizens and residents of Australia, draws to the attention of the House the attempts to pervert a course of justice created by s.75(v) of the Constitution by certain Officers of the Commonwealth.

Honourable Speaker, in October 2010, a self representative litigant (SRL) father attempted to file an application for a s.75(v) Writ in the High Court of Australia to be told by the Office Manager (Registrar) he would need to seek “Leave” to file such an application. He returned with legal information on this wrongful claim, armed with the rules and law, to be told a judge would be sought to demand “leave be required” for he to file (so Ordered 4 November 2010) for a course of justice created by s.75(v) of the Constitution and s.33 of the Judiciary Act 1903; demanded by s.72(ii) of the Constitution if sought.

We pray, Honourable Speaker, you pray to the Governor-General of Australia for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into:

The people’s ability to cause “Proven Misbehaviour” pursuant to s.72(ii) of the Constitution and how it must be advanced.

The Family and High Courts common practice, and unwillingness to accept s.75(v) of the Constitution applications from SRL’s.

The power and obligation of a tribunal to determine such applications regarding a member of its own tribunal, the High Court denies such power exists.

Are any Court Rules offensive to s.72(ii) and s.75(v) of the Constitution.

by Mr Murphy (from one citizen)