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Thursday, 21 October 2010
Page: 1229

Mr GEORGANAS (12:57 PM) —I would like to bring to the attention of the House the significant opportunity Tourism Australia has facilitated to support Australia’s $33 billion tourism industry by successfully securing a visit by Oprah Winfrey to Australia. Oprah will film at least two episodes of Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure, which will be part of The Oprah Winfrey Show’s final season. These episodes will go to air in the US in early 2011 before being broadcast globally.

A US-wide 60-second advertising spot during the airing of any of the show’s final season’s episodes would cost in the vicinity of $US600,000. Coverage of Australia in these episodes will total close to two hours. The Oprah Winfrey Show is seen by more than 40 million viewers in the US each week and screens in 145 countries globally. Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure will be promoted on The Oprah Winfrey Show,, Oprah Radio and in O: The Oprah Magazine. Oprah’s visit has already generated almost 10,000 stories in the Australian media worth an estimated $17 million in equivalent advertising space. The announcement of the trip received coverage across the US and the world, with more than 1,000 stories generated in the US alone. This is all a clear indication of what is to come. This visit will provide a priceless coverage of Australia in the international media and promote Australia as an attractive holiday destination. It also complements Tourism Australia’s successful ‘There’s nothing like Australia’ campaign.

Of course, in my own electorate, which is the second-largest tourist destination in South Australia, businesses are constantly striving to attract and provide for over two million visitors annually. I know that Oprah’s visit will enhance that. I am very grateful for the work of the traders’ association tourism forum in my electorate who, with the strong support of local Councillor Tim Looker, constantly strive to maintain the vibrancy and attractiveness of the area. It is a never-ending effort and a major event or a high-profile visitor lifts both income and the spirits of local businesses.

I would also like to acknowledge one of the jewels in the crown of South Australian tourism in my electorate—Adelaide Shores. The Adelaide Shores is a great area in the western suburbs on the beach side of my electorate, which is near West Beach, and has sporting facilities and a whole range of other things of a recreational nature.

I have many bowling clubs in my electorate. I take this opportunity to note the resilience of the members of the Glenelg community, specifically members of the Holdfast Bay Bowling Club of Glenelg North. On Saturday, 2 October four arson attacks were perpetrated in Glenelg North. One attack was focused on the Holdfast Bay Bowling Club, causing $100,000 in damage and destroying 70 years of club memorabilia and history. It was a shocking and senseless crime. Thankfully, the alleged perpetrator was caught and charges have been laid. All members of the club would naturally be deeply aggrieved by this attack—the assault on their space, the building and club room, containing all of the dedication shown to the club by many thousands of Glenelg residents over the past 70 years. I would like to make a special mention of the club president, Wally Tarca, a terrific person and member of our community. His commitment to our community through the social and physical foci and the Holdfast Bay Bowling Club is held in high esteem. The resilience he has shown in the face of this attack and the destruction it caused warrants our community’s praise and thanks.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER —That was a very impressive effort, honourable member for Hindmarsh.

Mr Georganas —Thank you, Deputy Speaker.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER —I was prepared to give you the extra couple of minutes because it was not your fault we had a problem with the clocks.

Question agreed to.