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Wednesday, 16 June 2010
Page: 5692

Mr WOOD (7:35 PM) —Mine are pretty straightforward questions regarding the home insulation scheme. How many AFP investigations are underway at the moment? How many AFP officers are on those investigations?

Government members interjecting—

Mr WOOD —Do you want me to continue or do you guys want to have a chat?

The DEPUTY SPEAKER —Order! The honourable member will make his contribution. The honourable member for La Trobe has the floor.

Mr WOOD —How many investigations have been referred to the state police? As the Attorney-General, are you aware of state police investigations? How much money has been spent or allocated in the AFP’s budget to investigate matters relating to the home insulation scheme. I know there are two levels. The first level I am looking at is when you have fraudulent installers going to houses. They have defrauded the Commonwealth, for example, when they have said they have met a contract for installing pink batts in a house but in fact they have ripped them in half or supplied very few. At the other level I believe we have had international groups using call centres to make completely bogus claims on properties which do not exist.