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Wednesday, 16 June 2010
Page: 5666

Mr FORREST (5:26 PM) —Just briefly, I want to respond to the pathetic response from the minister asserting that I am running some kind of fear campaign in my constituency. It is absolute nonsense. The reality is that I am spending more time in people’s lounge rooms than the task force is. Every time I go down the street, someone is complaining about the lack of reliability of the signal. No-one has cooperated more in a non-political sense to get this right—and I want to get it right. The minister’s response was pathetic, political and completely unnecessary, and I refute it. I am simply conveying to you what my constituents are telling me. It is not a fear campaign. There is no need for 30 June.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER —Order! I am going to call the parliamentary secretary. The notional allocation of time for this debate is nearing an end. In doing so, I should just point out that it is not possible to ask questions of the parliamentary secretary, but the parliamentary secretary is at liberty to make whatever contribution he wishes to.