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Wednesday, 16 June 2010
Page: 5637

Mr CIOBO (11:40 AM) —I am mindful of the very short period of time remaining. I have a number of questions for the minister, which I will put succinctly. I seek his assistance in providing transparency through succinct answers as well. The three issues I would like to raise pertain to the arts side of the minister’s portfolio.

Would the minister outline, for the benefit of the House and the Hansard, why, for example, the National Gallery of Australia had a funding cut, from $31,400,000 down to $29,598,000; Screen Australia had a funding cut, from $93,641,000 to $89,398,000; and the National Archives of Australia also had a funding cut, from $62,289,000 to $55,028,000.

In addition to that, would the minister also outline, please, whether or not he is supportive of the draft Cooper recommendation that self-managed super funds not be able to invest in appreciating Australian art works or, indeed, art works more broadly. Minister, will you rule it out—say that that will not in fact be adopted?

Finally, would the minister also outline what plans and proposals he has in place to, in some way, improve the very botched resale royalty scheme, many concerns about which have been expressed by all stakeholders and which has received significant media coverage in recent days.