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Thursday, 25 June 2009
Page: 7239

Mr ALBANESE (Leader of the House) (3:51 PM) —Firstly, to assist the House, to advise members of what are likely to be the arrangements—there is not certainty because there is not certainty about what is occurring in the Senate—it would appear that we will likely be in a position to adjourn at the normal time because of the failure of the Senate to deal with legislation. I will update the House if that changes. I obviously am not conscious of what may occur in the other place, as we refer to it formally, between now and the next little while, but at this stage it would appear that we will adjourn at the normal time. If that is not the case, I will advise the House as soon as I know otherwise. I have had discussions with the acting Manager of Opposition Business. If we do have to come back to receive some legislation that is returning from the Senate then the intention will be to have a break and then come back to deal with that legislation briefly. That is the best update that I can give. I will continue to be in liaison with the acting Manager of Opposition Business because I know that people have arrangements to make.