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Wednesday, 17 June 2009
Page: 6475

Ms LEY (6:48 PM) —My question to the Attorney concerns the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre, AUSTRAC, which leads Australia’s domestic anti-money-laundering activities. It has had $7.7 million of its operating budget cut to build capacity for anti-money-laundering policing in Botswana, Tanzania, Namibia and Kenya—all countries which I understand the Australia government is lobbying for their vote on a UN Security Council seat in 2013.

Attorney, I also note in ‘breaking news’ that Botswana has requested a relationship with us concerning policing, requesting that Botswana fellows come here and the AFP go there. I also note, in the last week there has been much reporting about the need for our AFP to be carbon cops of the future when it comes to enforcing and regulating any carbon trading regime that may be introduced. So why have we taken money from our own efforts to fight money laundering to help the efforts of African countries? As valuable and important as I know these efforts are, is that really getting our priorities right? Can the Attorney guarantee that, if we do send the AFP to Botswana and if we do task the AFP with being the carbon cops for any CPRS regime in the future, we will actually add some more money to the budget for the AFP?