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Wednesday, 17 June 2009
Page: 6423

Mr BRUCE SCOTT (11:43 AM) —My question is to the minister and it is to do with public housing. Minister, I want to get an outline as to how this public housing funding is being applied at a state level. In my electorate of Maranoa, the Surat coal basin is putting enormous pressure on housing resources. It is putting pressure on the workforce and it is also putting enormous pressure on affordable accommodation not only for the people who are coming to work in this area but also for the people who have rented for many, many years. I would appreciate the minister giving me an answer as to how it is going to be applied. Would it be appropriate that it go through local councils, or should it be through non-profit organisations or charitable organisations? Who is going to administer this in these rural areas?

I just want to know whether this money is being applied for in my part of the world, Maranoa, and whether there is something more I could do. This is what shocked me the other day: we have people living in the park of a fairly substantial town in my electorate. I have had a discussion about this with the local mayor. Public housing is a real issue. In a rural community it might have been out of sight, out of mind for many or it might not have been such an issue in the past, but it certainly is now. I would appreciate the minister’s answer.