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Monday, 15 June 2009
Page: 6071

Mr Ciobo asked the Minister for Small Business, Independent Contractors and the Service Economy, in writing, on 13 May 2009:

(1)   In respect of the twice-annual reporting requirement for federally funded Business Enterprises Centres (BECs): (a) on what dates are BECs required to submit their reports to his department; (b) how many reporting dates have lapsed since this requirement was implemented; (c) how many BECs have reported within the specified timeframe; (d) have any BECs not met their reporting obligations; if so, (i) what are their names, and (ii) what penalty measures has he implemented; (e) what specific services have been offered by each BEC as a result of the Government’s funding; (f) what cost has been incurred to provide each service; and (g) how many businesses have benefited from each of these services in each BEC.

(2)   In respect of the obligations of business advisory organisations funded through his 10 October 2008 announcement: (a) what reporting obligations does each advisory organisation have; (b) if reporting obligations exist, what penalty measures has he implemented for organisations that fail to comply with them; and (c) have any of these organisations submitted reports to his department outlining the services available as a result of the funding.

Dr Emerson (Minister for Small Business, Independent Contractors and the Service Economy, Minister Assisting the Finance Minister on Deregulation and Minister for Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs) —The answer to the honourable member’s question is as follows:


(a)   Progress reports - 21st May and 21st November each year.

(b)   and (c) All 36 Business Enterprise Centres (BECs) have provided their progress reports within the specified timeframe.

(d)   No (i) Not Applicable (ii) Not Applicable

(e)   The following services are offered by each funded BEC:

  • Mentoring for new business
  • Planning diagnostics
  • Planning advice and development services
  • Advice on loans and banking products
  • Marketing plan preparation
  • Advice on legal services
  • Accounting services
  • Leasing guidance
  • Regulatory compliance advice
  • Staff training programs

(f)   Two BECs receive $100,000 per annum, three BECs receive $150,000 per annum, 11 BECs receive $250,000 per annum, 15 BECs receive $300,000 per annum and five BECs receive $350,000 per annum for the provision of these services.

(g)   The number of businesses that have benefited from that range of services are: 4558 Mentoring for new business 2074 Planning diagnostics 3243 Planning advice and development services 863 Advice on loans and banking products 2080 Marketing plan preparation 965 Advice on Legal services 1242 Accounting services 451 Leasing guidance 2033 Regulatory compliance advice 666 Staff training programs 18175 Total businesses

(2)   An announcement was made on 24 October 2008 on support for small business during the global financial crisis. Assuming this is the announcement the member is referring to:

(a)   Progress reports are required by 21st August 2009 and 21st January 2010. Financial and audit reports are required by 1st March 2010.

(b)   All reports must be satisfactory to the Commonwealth. If the Commonwealth is not satisfied with the detail provided in a report, or any part of a report, the Commonwealth can reject the report, or any part of the report, and require the report to be resubmitted at the expense of the organisation in question.

(c)   Not Applicable. The first progress report is due 21st August 2009.