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Monday, 15 June 2009
Page: 6066

Mr Ciobo asked the Minister representing the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, in writing, on 12 May 2009:

In respect of the Government’s funding of organisations and projects between 3 December 2007 and 20 January 2009:

(a)   which organisations and projects based in the Moncrieff electorate received funding from the Minister’s department;

(b)   what sum of funding did each organisation or project receive; and

(c)   for what purpose was each funding commitment made.

Mr McClelland (Attorney-General) —The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship has provided the following answer to the honourable member’s question:

Details of grants given by the Department are available on the Department’s website within seven days of approval of the grants.

(a)   The only direct funding to organisations within the Moncrieff electorate is to the Multicultural Families Organisation Inc (MFOI).

The MFOI received a two year grant from the Settlement Grants Program on 29 May 2007, which included some payments over the period requested.  This was for the “Orientation to Australia, Developing Communities and Integration services to Humanitarian and eligible Family stream entrants on the Gold Coast” project.

The MFOI received an additional grant on 30 May 2008 for the “Integration - Inclusion and Participation services to Humanitarian and Family stream entrants in Gold Coast SSD” project.

(b)   The initial grant in 2007 was for $170 000 per year for 2007-08 and 2008-09.  During the period requested, the sum of the initial grant provided to MFOI was $170 000.

The sum of the additional grant provided to MFOI in 2008 was $38 500.

(c)   The 2007 project focussed on services to Humanitarian entrants as well as family stream migrant women.  The project included orientation to education, employment, life skills, volunteering, youth and community leadership development.

The 2008 project focused on assisting eligible family stream entrants in the Gold Coast to integrate into the broader community through a driver education program, homework group and volunteer work service.