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Tuesday, 12 May 2009
Page: 3478

Mr TURNBULL (2:27 PM) —My question is to the Prime Minister. I refer the Prime Minister to the fact that in the past governments have, as part of their budget papers, included a separate document setting out how the government has met its election commitments. I am holding here an example from 2002. I ask the Prime Minister, given his great interest in having a go, is he going to have a go tonight and publish a separate document which shows the election commitments that have been shredded?

Mr RUDD (Prime Minister) —There is one particular pre-election commitment I am particularly attached to which says: ‘There will never, ever, ever be a GST.’ That is what those opposite pinned their pre-1996 election commitments on, together with a whole list of others in the period since then. The Leader of the Opposition frankly is grasping at straws when he contemplates his own history and that of his own party on this extraordinary fact. Look at the breaches of commitment undertaken by those opposite on something as core as: ‘Are you going to have Work Choices or not? Are you going to have a consumption tax or not?’ These are the fundamental breaches in which you engaged and for which you stand condemned.

Mr Pyne —Mr Speaker, I rise on a point of order. The Prime Minister was asked a specific question about his election commitments before November 2007. If he obviously has none he wishes to keep he should make that clear and sit down.

The SPEAKER —The Manager of Opposition Business will resume his seat.