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Thursday, 12 March 2009
Page: 2563

Mr ROBERT (9:30 AM) —I rise to acknowledge the new student leaders within the schools of Fadden. Australia’s young leaders play an important role in setting a good example by acting responsibly and making positive choices. What is encouraging is that these leaders have been selected by their schools and, in many instances, by their own peers for their potential to make a positive and lasting contribution to their school communities. We all know Australia needs great leaders, and much more will be demanded of these leaders in their schools today and in their communities tomorrow.

Accordingly, I acknowledge from Ormeau State School the school captains, Braden Korhecz, Tegan Raines, Luke Moulston and Stephanie Loane.

From Gaven State School, I acknowledge the school captains, Hannah Castelijn, Leah Dudley, Jackson Huang and Lucas Goldblatt; Amaroo house captains, Makylah Hardiman and Jackson Huang; Koorong house captains, Margaret Piakura and Tristan Flute; Wallaba house captains, Lena Hines and Jacob Smith; and music captains, Hannah Castelijn and Amber Rose.

From Helensvale State High School, I acknowledge the school captains, Becky Able and Ben MacLeod; and vice captains, Christine Milo and Tim D’Arcy. The Student Executive Council comprises Talia Benatar, the president; Prudence Hatton, the secretary; Brittany Hull, the finance manager; and Jessica Cowie, student services. The house captains are Ashley Harding-Smith, Brett Parker, Jessica Duvall, Matthew Fraser-Dawson, Zara King, Laura Bryan, Tara Heaton and David O’Neil. The house leaders are Sean Finigan, Emily Knox, Lachlan Newberry, Tiffany Colombi, Josh Cowen, Wyatt Bacon, Sheridan Lewerissa, Cameron Schalch, Cassie Witten, Cassie Morris, Tessa Helman, Laura Bechaz, Nathan Bellin, Samara Camilleri, Lauren Shingles, Kate Schalch, Lauren King, Hayden Durrington, Emma-Jean Newton, Jessica Handsaker and Jared De Roos. The year 9 leaders are Cheyenne Donnelly, Amy Griffiths, Courtney Richardson, Claudia Stewart, Seline Taylor, Mikeala Tyrrell, Lachlan Versluis and Terri-Anne Whale. The year 10 leaders are Lauren Bolin, Luke Bourke, Sarah Crone, Kaitlyn McConnell, Amy Parry, Deon Savage, Andrew Schalch and Thomas Storey. The year 11 leaders are Christopher Bambury, Kaleisha Lee, Rohan Melloy, Christiana Moore, Nikki Russell, Dalton Tucker and Demi Winton.

From Coombabah State School, I acknowledge the school captains, Sarah Grigg, Jesse Kay, Abby Crone and Thomas Spratt. The Student Council president is Patryk Wus. The Melaleuca house captains are Sarah Taylor and Jesse Kay; the vice captains are Abby Crone and Thomas Meighan. The Banksia house captains are Cassie Turner and Patryk Wus; the vice captains are Sarah Grigg and Blake Pearson. The Casuarina house captains are Ellen Palmer and Tom Spratt; the vice captains are Kiara Levingston and Dane Watmuff. The Acacia house captains are Amy Phillips and Matt Harris-Hughes; the vice captains are Holly Richmond and Jack Carrall. The music captains comprise, for the senior choir, Tiffany Peters and Kiara Levingston; string captains, Sarah Grigg and Ellie Pinnington; band captains, Abby Crone and Tia Windelburn; and recorder captains, Antony Kathage and Ashleigh Pullin. The student counsellors are, for 7S, Amy Phillips and Daniel Bell; 7R, Danhiene Currie and Joseph Sabin; 7CH, Taryn Coombes and Patryk Wus; 7V, Shashawana Albert and Kate Donaldson-Reid; 6A, Alicia Lybeck and Jack Micklesson; 6B, Bronte Price and Jerome West; 6W, Tyla Phillips and Dane Watmuff; 6D, Krystal Bell-Hannan and Ryan Palmer; 6V, Tharushi Mitiyamulle-Arachchi and Caitlin Dines; 5C, Grace Catterall-Higgins; 5F, Jye Peters and Tiana Raiwalui; 5L, Shelby Pinnington and Locky Baltins; 5S, Charlie Self and Katie Ramage; and 4/5A, Holly Jones and Emily Pointing.

From AB Paterson College, I acknowledge the college leaders, Damon Barbaresco, Robyn Bett, Tori Eagles, Fiona Glenister, Luke Middleton, Lewis Neilsen, Leiston Pickett, Katie Porteous, Anastasia Stathis and Jye Thomas. (Time expired)