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Thursday, 5 February 2009
Page: 679

Dr Southcott asked the Minister for Sport, in writing, on 3 December 2008:

In respect of the Government’s announcement on 29 August 2008 that it will contribute funding to the: (a) Burnie United Football and Sporting Club; (b) West Park indoor sporting facility; and (c) relocation of the Burnie Bowls Club to Les Clark Oval—

(1)   Under which (i) Portfolio Budget item does this funding appear, and (ii) program was this funding made available.

(2)   Has this funding been included in the Mid Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook; if so where.

(3)   How many applications were received for project funding under this program.

(4)   What criteria were used to assess these projects.

(5)   Who is the individual contact person for each project.

(6)   With whom were the negotiations conducted.

(7)   What are the names of the board Members of each club or sporting facility.

Ms Kate Ellis (Minister for Youth and Minister for Sport) —The answer to the honourable member’s question is as follows:

(1) (i)   This funding is being made available from Appropriation Bill No. 3 - Outcome 15 (Variations table - Table 2.15.2). (ii)This funding was not made available from a program.

(2)   No. However it was listed in the Department of Health and Ageing Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements 2008-09.

(3)   See answer to question 1(ii).

(4)   Funding for the Burnie City Council was originally approved by the former Government in the context of the 2004 election but these funds were rephased due to delays in the Council’s implementation of the project.

(5)   The Burnie City Council has nominated their Director, Community and Economic Development as the project manager for these projects.

(6)   Negotiations for funding Agreements are being conducted with the Burnie City Council.

(7)   The Department of Health and Ageing is negotiating funding agreements in respect of each of these projects with the Burnie City Council.