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Thursday, 5 February 2009
Page: 587

Mr TURNBULL (2:45 PM) —My question is addressed to the Prime Minister. I refer the Prime Minister to the Treasurer’s answer yesterday where he said the coalition’s proposal to bring forward the already legislated 2009 and 2010 tax cuts would impose:

… $11 billion, on a permanent basis—hence my observation earlier that they are in favour of higher deficits permanently.

Can the Prime Minister confirm that, on the contrary, the additional cost of bringing forward these tax cuts is temporary, relating only to the six and 18 months the cuts are brought forward, because from 2009 and 2010 the cost of those tax cuts is already budgeted for? Will the Prime Minister take the opportunity to clear up the Treasurer’s confusion?

Mr RUDD (Prime Minister) —The Leader of the Liberal Party asks a question about confusion. When it comes to confusion, what is the current posture of those opposite about either the amount of stimulus they recommend, the type of tax cuts they recommend, the duration they might be for or the latest exercise in this, which is the recommendation in relation to the small business sector and the deferral of compulsory contributions to superannuation—depending on whether that is for two years as in your statement or unlimited as in his statement? This is an opposition in complete policy disarray. If you speak about confusion, speak to those opposite, led by the person who has just asked the question.

Mr Pyne —Poor Wayne—left to hang out to dry!

The SPEAKER —Others will be left out to dry, Member for Sturt.