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Monday, 22 September 2008
Page: 8193

Debate resumed, on motion by Ms Rea:

That the House:

(1)   notes that:

(a)   the insidious act of human trafficking is the second largest criminal activity in the world, and certainly the fastest growing; and

(b)   the Australian government is committed to a ‘whole of government’ approach to tackling human trafficking; and

(2)   recognises that the Australian government, through its Asia Regional Trafficking in Persons aid project and contribution to UNICEF’s work, continues to play an active role in strengthening the key institutions responsible for identifying and addressing human trafficking;

(3)   acknowledges the role of the non-government organisations (NGOs), their unique expertise and the assistance they provide to trafficked persons;

(4)   recognises that the Australian government continues to work with AusAID, NGOs and foreign governments to ensure that the crime of human trafficking is continually brought to light, and that all members and senators continue to raise awareness of this international human rights violation; and

(5)   applauds the government’s establishment of a National Round Table on People Trafficking as a measure to involve all interested stakeholders in the fight against this despicable crime.