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Monday, 7 November 2005
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To the honourable Speaker and members of the House of Representatives:

The petition of citizens of Chifley draws the attention of the House

to the increasing shortage and unaffordability of child care in Australia. Your petitioners ask the House to:

(a)   note that the cost of child care across Australia has increased by 12% in the last year, which is 5 times the rate of all other goods and services;

(b)   address the increasing disparity between the demand for and supply of child care in Australia;

(c)   recognise that the excessive cost and unavailability of child care is a drain on the Australian economy, and requires immediate action by the Federal Government;

(d)   acknowledge that an untold number of Australian parents would like to participate or increase their participation in the paid workforce, but cannot, because child care is either not available or too expensive.

Petitioners also note that the Prime Minister has had nothing to say about the massive increase in child care costs under his government, and has expressed no interest or concern about the fact that some parents have no child care in their area.

Petitioners ask the House to support a National Summit on Child Care, to discuss the crisis in affordable child care in Australia and what should be done to solve the structural problems producing the crisis.

Sign the Petition • Make child care more accessible and affordable

by Mr Price (from 259 citizens)

Petitions received.