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Monday, 7 November 2005
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To the Honourable Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives assembled in parliament:

The petition of certain citizens and residents of Australia draws to the attention of the House that:

Sydney resident David Liang, father of two, was shot in both feet only hours after he and eight other Australians arrived in South Africa to file a lawsuit against Chinese officials who were visiting South Africa.

This proposed lawsuit charged China’s Vice President Zeng and Minister of Commerce Bo with torture, genocide and crimes against humanity, committed according to Jiang Zemin’s personally stated policies regarding Falun Gong to “Ruin their reputations, bankrupt them financially and destroy them physically,” as well as, “Killing them won’t matter because their deaths will be counted as suicides.” Zeng and Bo have been served with lawsuits during previous overseas visits for their pivotal role in prolonging the persecution of Falun Gong in China.

South African Police are investigating the incident as attempted murder against an Australian.

Australians Terrorised

Falun Gong practitioners have long been the victims of discrimination, harassment and assault from Chinese officials on Australian soil and worldwide. A known ‘blacklist’ has been circulated to prevent Falun Gong practitioners travelling overseas. This incident in South Africa is the most severe case to date and marks a new level of violence in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners outside of China.


(1)   Pay close attention to the safety of Australians, including Falun Gong practitioners, who face terrorist attacks by Jiang Zemin’s faction within the Chinese Government to help prevent such terrorist activities.

(2)   Co-operate with authorities in South Africa to thoroughly investigate this incident and bring to justice those responsible for this attempted murder.

(3)   Condemn the acts of terrorism by Jiang Zemin’s faction against Falun Gong practitioners both inside and outside of China.

by Mr Keenan (from 553 citizens)