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Monday, 7 November 2005
Page: 25

The SPEAKER (2:00 PM) —Last Thursday, the Manager of Opposition Business asked me to reflect on the application of standing order 94(a). In my view, the proceedings in the latter part of last week did not reflect well on the House. Questions were asked with relatively little interjection, but some answers were drowned out by the sheer volume of noise from members. Those members who were removed had all continued to interject after a general warning had been given, and some had been specifically warned.

Australian citizens have a right to expect better behaviour from their elected representatives than was demonstrated at the end of last week. If the application of standing order 94(a) does not result in a lifting in the standards of behaviour, I will be forced to resort to naming members. The primary responsibility for appropriate parliamentary behaviour rests with individual members and it is incumbent upon all members on both sides of the House to accept that responsibility.