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Wednesday, 11 August 2004
Page: 2108

Mrs BRONWYN BISHOP (5:06 PM) —by leave—I move:

That the House take note of the report.

I wish to exercise my right under the standing orders to reply to two points. The first thing I want to say is that, yes, the committee did have to be adjourned on the first day because one member of the committee, the member for Denison, used language to me that, quite frankly, would have had him thrown out of this chamber for six months if he had used it in here.

Mr Sciacca —Mr Deputy Speaker, on a point of order: I do not know if we can debate this across the chamber. The member for Mackellar has made a statement on the report and I have made a reply. I do not think this is appropriate. She is now casting aspersions on another member of the committee. The reality is that, once she has finished, I will want to seek indulgence to counteract what she has said. I do not think it is getting us anywhere.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr Jenkins)—There is no point of order.

Mrs BRONWYN BISHOP —Accord-ingly, I reconvened the adjourned committee meeting later in the day to allow the member for Denison to apologise, which he did, and we then proceeded with the business of the committee. As I said in my tabling speech, and as Mr Sciacca confirmed in his address, it was difficult. There was a concern about how things would reflect on Labor state governments.

The second thing I would like to say is that the committee worked very well on many parts of the report and took part in things in good spirit, but the contrivance of the way in which Labor members chose to resign meant they could not see the second volume, because it would have been in breach of the standing orders to show the chairman's draft to people who were not members of the committee, which was by their own design. So, accordingly, there was no draft of volume 2 to show to you prior to your resignation. I wanted to make those two points perfectly clear because the committee has done an enormous amount of work.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER —Is the motion seconded?

Dr Washer —I second the motion.