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Wednesday, 11 August 2004
Page: 2084

Mr MOSSFIELD (3:26 PM) —Mr Speaker, I wish to make a personal explanation.

The SPEAKER —Does the honourable member claim to have been misrepresented?


The SPEAKER —Please proceed.

Mr MOSSFIELD —In this week's Bulletin article by Paul Daley entitled `The hallelujah chorus' my contribution to this parliament has yet again been understated and belittled for cheap political points. The argument is put forth that I have made little contribution to this place and that I have hardly ever raised issues on behalf of my constituents. For Mr Daley's information, this personal explanation is my 490th contribution to the proceedings of this place since being elected eight years ago. That does not include my contribution as a member of the Speaker's panel. I invite Mr Daley to compare my record of contribution with that of other Western Sydney members over the same period. I think he will find that an apology is in order.