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Thursday, 24 June 2004
Page: 31565

Ms PLIBERSEK (4:46 PM) —by leave—This was an extremely important report and an important topic for us to look at in the current security climate. I believe it was quite reassuring to see that all of the major players take airport security very seriously. We did not uncover a culture of complacency, and I think that was very reassuring to the committee. However, we cannot afford to leave it there. Any proper security environment in airports or anywhere else does require a continued commitment.

The five recommendations that we came up with are all very important but I would have to say that recommendation 3, looking at aviation security identification cards, was the one that most struck me during the evidence that we took. It is very important that, once people have stopped working at an airport or for an associated business, we have means of recovering those aviation security identification cards, and I particularly draw the attention of the House to that recommendation.

As I said, there was generally a good culture in relation to security, but part of that good culture is that complacency has not developed and we have to be vigilant into the future to ensure that it does not. There is no cause for complacency. I would like to add my thanks to those of the chair, Bob Charles, the member for La Trobe. The other members of the committee did an excellent job but I would particularly like to thank the committee secretariat, James Catchpole, as well as John Carter, Mary Ellen Miller, Maria Miniutti and Jessica Butler. My thanks go to them for their help in the preparation of this report.