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Thursday, 24 June 2004
Page: 31534

Mrs CROSIO (3:18 PM) —Mr Speaker, further to the matter before the House that has just been introduced by the Leader of the House and addressed by the Manager of Opposition Business, I would like to add a few more points for the information of the House if I may. I understand—

The SPEAKER —I indicate to the member for Prospect—as she will appreciate, having occupied the chair—that I need to either extend to her indulgence or discover if she is asking a question or something. I am extending to her indulgence.

Mrs CROSIO —I appreciate that very much, Mr Speaker, and I thank you for that indulgence. I would like the Leader of the House to respond to my query. The Senate Notice Paper originally had nine bills and five messages on it, which they informed me earlier in the day they could have handled. They have now been informed that the Surveillance Devices Bill 2004 has been marked urgent by this government. It was not listed two weeks ago. In fact, as late as Tuesday this week, it was not even in the order. I know the government will tell me they have the right to amend the list but, if the government choose to manage their program, then manage it they should.

I also put forward another point. As you would be well informed, Mr Speaker—and as every member of this House would be who was watching the agenda today—a new bill called the Marriage Amendment Bill 2004 was introduced in this House today and then debated. That too has been sent to the Senate and marked urgent. My point to the Leader of the House is that, if we want to bring information into this House, it should be accurate. We should at least have the opportunity to understand what is now being faced by the members in the House of Representatives with regard to sitting times, because I think misinformation is hypocritical and, to use the words of the Treasurer today, it is really a shabby political stunt.

The SPEAKER —The member for Prospect will resume her seat.