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Thursday, 27 May 2004
Page: 29467

Mr Brendan O'Connor asked the Minister for Employment Services, upon notice, on 2 March 2004:

(1) How many jobs have been advertised on the Australian Job Search (AJS) website since its inception.

(2) What is the (a) annual cost, and (b) total cost since the inception of the AJS website.

(3) How many people have found employment through the AJS website.

(4) What proportion of those who found work through the AJS website were Job Network cardholders.

(5) What proportion of jobs advertised on the AJS website are available only to Job Network cardholders.

(6) How are jobs that are advertised on the AJS website and available only to Job Network cardholders distinguished from those that are available to all Australians.

Mr Brough (Minister for Employment Services and Minister Assisting the Minister for Defence) —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) Over 6.75 million jobs have been advertised on JobSearch since its inception.

(2) (a) The annual increase to the department's asset base from the Australian JobSearch website was $3.74 million for 1999-2000, $5.04 million for 2000-2001, $4.83 million for 2001-2002 and $5.50 million for 2002-2003.

(b) Prior to 1999, JobSearch site development occurred in conjunction with other infrastructure project development, including Touch Screen kiosks, and expenses were not differentiated by the department. Since 1 July 1999 however, the total increase to the department's asset base from providing JobSearch (the internet service) is $21.46 million.

(3) The JobSearch website is both an enabling service for the Job Network and a free employment site for all Australians, including those who are not Job Network eligible. Since the commencement of Job Network in May 1998, there have been a total of 2.47 million placements of Job Network registered job seekers recorded against vacancies listed on JobSearch. The number of job seekers not registered with Job Network who have obtained employment against vacancies listed on Job Search is not available.

(4) The department does not track the placement of job seekers made through the site who are independent of Job Network activity, therefore total placements and the percentage from the Job Network are unavailable.

(5) This figure will vary from day to day as Job Network members, Job Placement organisations and employers lodge and fill vacancies. On 28 April 2004 63% of job vacancies on JobSearch were lodged by Job Network members, Job Placement organisations or employers, as seeking applications from Job Network job seekers.

(6) These jobs are indicated with a Job Network logo.