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Thursday, 27 May 2004
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Mr DUTTON (12:25 PM) —I rise to speak in the House today about the Red Shield appeal which was conducted on 22 and 23 May—only last weekend. I want to say to the House that, over the last three years, I have worked hard with many of the 750 community groups in Pine Rivers and it has been a great pleasure to again work this year with Captain Andrew McKeown, who is the Pine Rivers area director. My role as the area chairman for Pine Rivers was made all the easier because of Andrew's involvement. Andrew McKeown, in the work that he does with his army of officers and supporters at the Lawnton Salvation Army, really is a credit to them. The services that the Salvation Army and people like Andrew McKeown provide in our local community of Pine Rivers should never, ever be underestimated.

I am very pleased to acknowledge that in Pine Rivers area this year we had a 25 per cent increase on last year's result. In total, we raised $24,173, with still some moneys to come in. Albany Creek raised $5,889.20, which was an increase of 68 per cent from 2003. In the Arana Hills district, we raised $4,050.05, which was an increase from 2003. There was also an increase at Kallangur, which raised $7,001. At Strathpine, we raised $7,232.75, which is an incredible increase of 47 per cent from 2003. In the local shopping centres, we collected $6,408. I want to thank the managements of those local shopping centres, including at areas like Strathpine and Kallangur, who did a tremendous amount to support the local army officers who went there to collect money for such a great cause.

The local schoolchildren at Ferny Grove State School held a free-dress day for the first time this year, and they raised $600. I want to make special mention of the involvement in and commitment to the Red Shield appeal of those schoolchildren and their parents, teachers and principal, because their assistance was invaluable. One of the aims for next year for the Pine Rivers area will be to have many more schools involved. It is the first year that we have had primary school involvement and a free-dress day, and the results are obviously incredible.

I want to give particular thanks to the 76 teams, which included over 267 collectors, made up of local people who wanted to support a good cause, local community groups like Apex, Lions, Rotary, Rotaract and other local community groups, as well as students from secondary schools, including a considerable number of students from Northside Christian College and Genesis Christian College who provided great support.

I also want to make mention in the parliament today of the zone chairmen. I acknowledge Councillor Mike Charlton from Albany Creek, who again provided tremendous support this year. I also want to acknowledge Andrew Patterson, who was very involved in the local community in Arana Hills. He is a person who puts a countless number of hours into community projects, and his involvement again this year is greatly appreciated in the Arana Hills zone. I also want to make mention of Councillor David Dwyer, who was responsible for the Kallangur area, and Councillor Brian Gelvin, who was responsible for Strathpine. I also acknowledge his wife, Lynne, who provides a great deal of support to Brian in so many areas of his life. Finally, I acknowledge Councillor Graeme Ashworth for his support and, in particular, for his coordination of maps and whatnot on the day. It provided a very professional touch again this year to the Red Shield appeal in Pine Rivers, and the support that he provided by putting together and collating those maps was of great assistance to all of the collectors and to the committee overall.

I also wish to make particular mention today in the parliament of the directors: Barry and Pam Nancarrow from Albany Creek, Envoy Lindley Fabre from Arana Hills, Major Ken and Mrs Ella Beer from Kallangur, Major Terry Smith and Major Alan Peterson from Strathpine who did an incredible amount of work again this year. People like Ken Beer, Andrew McKeown and all of those that assisted in this year's Red Shield appeal need to be thanked 1,000 times over. I look forward to working with them and having their support next year, and I congratulate everybody involved in this year's process. (Time expired)