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Thursday, 27 May 2004
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Mr JOHNSON (3:32 PM) —Mr Speaker, I wish to make a personal explanation.

The SPEAKER —Does the member for Ryan claim to have been misrepresented?

Mr JOHNSON —You bet.

The SPEAKER —The member for Ryan may proceed.

Mr JOHNSON —Yesterday in Senate estimates, Labor senator John Faulkner made certain allegations regarding the nature of a community function that I hosted last month with the Australian cricket captain, Ricky Ponting, and General Peter Leahy, Chief of Army. These need to be corrected. The forum was a community event for students to encourage and inspire them—

Mr Melham —Where was he misrepresented?

The SPEAKER —Order, member for Banks! The member for Ryan will come to the point of his misrepresentation.

Mr JOHNSON —The community forum was indeed that: a community forum for students, to encourage and inspire them through the achievements and successes of the guest speakers. There was no charge—

Mr Melham —Mr Speaker, I rise on a point of order. There is a protocol to be followed for personal explanations. The House has yet to hear where the member was misrepresented. He cannot go into the nature of the forum and put the cart before the horse. I would ask you to call him to order, as you have already done once. You should not have to do it twice.

The SPEAKER —This is a matter that I have addressed on two occasions this week. I have required members giving personal explanations to be much more succinct. I do invite the member for Ryan to come quickly to the point of the misrepresentation. As was indicated to the member for Solomon, a great deal of detail is not needed, but we do need to indicate the misrepresentation so it can be corrected for the record.

Mr JOHNSON —I am happy to enlighten the member for Banks.

The SPEAKER —You will also be enlightening the chair.

Mr JOHNSON —Senator Faulkner's suggestion that Ryan schools were involved in cross-subsidising Liberal Party fundraising is totally inaccurate, false and malicious. No Ryan schools contributed to any expense associated with the forum or made any donation to the Liberal Party to participate. The forum was not in any way a fundraiser for either the Ryan campaign or the Queensland Liberal Party.