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Thursday, 27 May 2004
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Mr McMULLAN (3:31 PM) —Mr Speaker, I want to ask an unusual question of you. Would you pass on my appreciation—and the appreciation, I am sure, of other members who have been associated with them in the past—to the security personnel who were at the front of the building this morning. At seven o'clock this morning there was a small memorial event conducted by one of my constituents, Mr Kayani, in memory of his brother, who tragically committed suicide there, as you will remember, two years ago. It was a little unorthodox for it to be held there and the security staff were very discreet and very helpful. On a couple of occasions, workers, not knowing that this event was going on, were using noisy equipment. They were discreetly handled by the security personnel so that the event could be conducted with due dignity. I thank them for that; it was beyond the requirements of their duties. I ask you to convey on my behalf, and on behalf of the family, our thanks to them.

The SPEAKER —Just let me respond to the member for Fraser on behalf of all members of the House and say that, as is frequently mentioned by members of the House, we do appreciate what the staff of this parliament do. In this instance, particularly to the security staff, I will pass on your sentiments, member for Fraser, and I believe the sentiments of all members of the House, who are grateful for the way in which our staff professionally do their jobs.