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Monday, 3 November 2003
Page: 21848

Mr Martin Ferguson asked the Minister for Small Business and Tourism, upon notice, on 11 August 2003:

(1) With respect to the implementation of the changes to the importation and conversion of low volume second hand motor vehicles introduced by the Motor Vehicle Standards Amendment Act 2001, can he advise whether a post implementation review of the new scheme been conducted; if so, by whom, what were its findings and is it publicly available; if a review has been conducted but not publicly released, why not.

(2) Has any assessment of the employment implications of the new arrangements been conducted; if not why not; if so, what are the findings.

(3) Has the new Act and arrangements achieved the Government's objectives; if so, what is the evidence to support that conclusion; if not, what are the inadequacies of the Act.

(4) Will the Government release the report produced by the Office of Small Business in 2000 on the employment impacts of the move to the Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme (SEVS); if not, why not.

Mr Hockey (Minister for Small Business and Tourism) —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) I understand you have asked a similar question (QON 2173) of the Minister for Transport and Regional Services, the Hon John Anderson MP. As he has portfolio responsibility for the Act, I refer this question to him.

(2) The Motor Vehicles Standards Amendment Act came into effect on 1 April 2002. Transitional arrangements allowed registered vehicle holders to continue modifying and plating permitted vehicles for the market until 7 May 2003. Given the short period of time the Act has been fully effective, there has been no assessment of the employment implications of the new arrangement.

(3) It is too early to determine how successful the Act has been in achieving the Government's objective given the short period of time it has been in effect.

(4) The Government will not be releasing the report. The Office of Small Business was requested by Ministers Anderson and Reith, and Senator Minchin to provide advice on the implications on small business of the SEVS. Mr Reith has previously indicated to Parliament that this advice was for the use of the Ministers only.